Emerging Composers – Concert #2


number three* – Thomas Nicholson

Alex Jang, mandolin
Sarah De Niverville, viola
Christopher Reiche, piano

I. Largo (from Quartet – “Another”) –  Alexander Simon (b. 1986)

Matt Antal, viola
Sarah De Niverville, viola
Dave Riedstra, double bass
Alexander Simon, piano

Inconsistencies No. 1 -for paper* –  Christopher Reiche (b. 1983)

Nathan Friedman, paper
Alex Jang, paper
Kimberley Shepherd, paper

Six Popular Songs After Lawrence Durrell – Nathan Friedman (b.  1989)
1. Avignon (Blues)
4. Avis (Ballad of Insemination)
3. Mandrake Root (Tango/Bossa Nova)
6. Dublin (Other Blues)

Lynne Penhale, voice
Kevin Thomson, piano

if numbers could breathe – Ava  Hoegl (b. 1990)

Heather Harker, voice
Frances Armstrong, voice
Lynne Penhale, voice

Prairie Trails (43%) –  Dave Riedstra (b. 1989)

Nathan Friedman, bass clarinet

A Day in Barkerville –   Lynne Penhale (b. 1991)

Janet Sit, bottles
Nathan Friedman, bottles
Christopher Reiche, bottles
Benjamin Will, bottles
Erik Abbink, bottles
Kimberley Shepherd, bottles
Thomas Nicholson, bottles
Liam Gibson, bottles

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Photo Update:

Below are photos from this concert. See the following page for all photos of the New Music Festival 2015: An impression in photographs