Emerging Composers – Concert #1


Koans* – Kimberley Shepherd (b. 1988)
I. It Was a Wednesday
II. Before Studying Zen

Nathan Friedman, clarinet

Tidepool Variations – Liam Gibson (b. 1990)
I. Green Shore Crab (Hemigrapsus Oregonensis)
II. Sea Anemone (Actiniaria)

Chris Reiche, piano

Still Night* – Janet Sit (b. 1981)
A musical setting of Li Bai’s Still Night

Lynne Penhale, voice
Thomas Law, bass flute
Alex Klassen, cello
Chris Reiche, piano
Erik Abbink, conductor

Zanadu* – Adam Jasieniuk (b. 1991)

Thomas Nicholson, piano

HER&HIS/ZIG&ZAG – Nathan Friedman (b. 1989)

Lynne Penhale, trombone

Ansible* – Liam Gibson (b.  1990)

Alex Jang, mandolin
Alex Klassen, cello
Thomas Nicholson, viola

Existo in Animo* – Lynne Penhale (b. 1991)

Kimberly Shepherd, piano

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Photo Update:

Below are photos from this concert. See the following page for all photos of the New Music Festival 2015: An impression in photographs