Daniel Brandes, piano – Concert #4


Frohberger, for whistling pianist – Daniel Brandes (b. 1985)

Thought and Desire, for singing pianist Linda – Catlin Smith (b. 1957)

Drei Choräle (panser à Satie) – Eva-Maria Houben (b. 1955)

The Book of Songs (after Edmond Jabès), for one person singing, and accompanying themself
with an instrument – Daniel Brandes

the sound of the piano decays.
it cannot be sustained. I let it loose time and again.
it appears by disappearing; starting to disappear just
after the attack.
in disappearing it begins to live, to change.
the piano: an instrument, that allows me to hear
how many ways sound can disappear.
there seems to be no end to disappearance.
I can hear, how listening becomes the awareness of fading sound.
~Eva-Maria Houben.

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