Daniel Brandes, piano – Concert #4


Frohberger, for whistling pianist – Daniel Brandes (b. 1985)

Thought and Desire, for singing pianist Linda – Catlin Smith (b. 1957)

Drei Choräle (panser à Satie) – Eva-Maria Houben (b. 1955)

The Book of Songs (after Edmond Jabès), for one person singing, and accompanying themself
with an instrument – Daniel Brandes

the sound of the piano decays.
it cannot be sustained. I let it loose time and again.
it appears by disappearing; starting to disappear just
after the attack.
in disappearing it begins to live, to change.
the piano: an instrument, that allows me to hear
how many ways sound can disappear.
there seems to be no end to disappearance.
I can hear, how listening becomes the awareness of fading sound.
~Eva-Maria Houben.

Concert Venue & Parking

This concert takes place at Church of St. Mary the Virgin (1701 Elgin Rd, Oak Bay), which has its own parking lot, and there is ample free parking on surrounding streets.

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Live Stream

This concert will be streamed live via our Live Webcast page.

Photo Update:

Below are photos from this concert. See the following page for all photos of the New Music Festival 2015: An impression in photographs